Women and men brains are different

Why Men and Women Have Different Types of Brains

Apart from the physical and biological differences between men and women, recent studies carried out by the National Academy of Sciences indicate that there are marked differences in the way human brain has evolved- not just socially and culturally, but also physically. From the findings, it would appear that men and women have brains with subtle differences, in the manner in which the physical arrangement of the neurons and nervous tissues is concerned. While people tend to confuse between the “mind” aspect and the “brain” aspect, it should be made clear that when we talk about the “mind” aspect, we basically refer to the thought processes and the conscious, preconscious, and the unconscious states of the mind i.e. the manifestation of the physical brain. The brain, per se, is actually the physical composition of cells and tissues-the tangible part. The studies carried out involving 1,000 young adults aged between 18 to 22 years reveal that there could be a physical difference in the arrangement of neurons and structure of the brain between the two genders.

The differences in brain pattern

Even though physical development and sexual dimorphism gradually starts diminishing once the individual completes puberty, the minds may keep on evolving, perhaps forever during the existence of the individual. As far as the brain is concerned, studies indicate that the brain pattern in males more front-to-back oriented, while in case of women, it is more left-to-right oriented. Even though the exact co-relation is not still entirely clear, it would appear that the front-back orientate generally results into a particular functioning of the brain. Such an arrangement generally gives rise to coordinated action and perception. It would mean that the areas of brain responsible for these actions and traits are more strongly developed than others. In case of women, the left-right orientation generally results into a greater development of intuitive and emotional regions of the brain. This finding actually provides more credibility to the fact that women are more sensitive and emotionally inclined. It is not that they possess these traits owning to cultural reasons, but rather because their brains are more inclined to function that way.

Gender roles and manifestations

The debate further continues as to did human brains actually evolve to function different in men and women over the centuries, or does cultural differences and gender roles dominate and make the brains as they are today. The study still cannot actually prove that the evaluation occurred on its own, or whether it influenced the brain development in the first place. The theory of evolution indicates what is used more tends to grow and develop more, and what is used less tends to become redundant over time. So did the brains evolve in a manner such that masculine manifestation is actually different from that of feminine? There is no clear evidence supporting or negating this fact.

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