What is stress?

What is stress?

Stress is what you feel when you react to pressure from others or from yourself. Pressure can come from anywhere, including school, work, activities, friends, and family members. You can also feel stress from the pressure of wanting to get good grades or wanting to feel like you belong.

Stress comes in many forms and everyone feels stress.

How does my body handle stress?

Your body has a built-in response to handle stress. When something stressful happens, you may experience sweaty palms, dry mouth, or knots in your stomach. This is totally normal and means that your body is working exactly as it should. Other signs of stress include emotional signs such as feeling sad or worried, behavioral (your actions) signs such as not feeling up to doing thing, and mental (your mind) signs such as not feeling up to doing things, and mental (your mind) signs such as not being able to concentrate or focus.

What causes stress?

Just being a teen can be stressful-there is so much going on and so many changes that are happening all at once!

Some things that might cause stress

School work

Not feeling good about yourself

Changes in your body or weight

Body shape or size

Problems with friends, boyfriends, or other kids at school living in a dangerous neighborhood

Peer pressure from friends to dress or act a certain way, or smoke, drink, or use drugs

Not fitting in or being part of a group

Moving or friends moving away

Separation or divorce of parents

A family member who is ill

Death of a loved one

Changing schools

Taking on too many activities at once

Not getting along with your parents or having problems at home feeling lonely

There may be other things that cause stress for you that are not on this list. Also, it can be very tough when more than one stressful event happens at the same time or stress is ongoing.

Is stress always a bad thing?

No! A little bit of stress can work in a positive way. For instance, during a sports competition, stress might push you to perform better. Also, without the stress of deadlines, you might not be able to finish schoolwork or get to where you need to be on time.

What are signs that you have too much stress or are stressed out?

Signs that you are stressed out:

-Feeling down, edgy, guilty or tired

-Having headaches or stomachaches

-Having trouble sleeping

-Laughing or crying for no reason

-Blaming others for bad things that happen to you

-Wanting to be alone all the time (withdrawal)

-Not being able to see the positive side of a situation

-Not enjoying activities that you used to enjoy

-Feeling resentful of people or things you have to do

-Feeling like you have too many things you have to do

Some of these signs can also be signs of a more serious condition called depression. To find out if you might be dealing with depression and to learn how to get help, click here.

To find out how much you are stressed out, try the Stress-O-Meter quiz

Are you stressed about your body?

During adolescence, your body is going through many changes that are happening at a fast pace.

These changes might make you feel unsure of yourself at times, or stressed. They might make you worry about your size and wanting to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Click below to see if you have some of the same worries other girls have about their bodies:

To get help, call the National Youth Crisis Hotline at (800)448-4663.

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