The leaves in the stream exercise

My therapist suggested that I check out the leaves in the Stream hypnosis and found a few videos that show this technique on youtube so you may want to check it out.

This exercise is to help you bring your anxiety under control and also it helps us see our thoughts objectively. When we are anxious, we often feel compelled to act on our anxiety and this exercise is perfect for people who are impulsive.

Our thoughts are like keeps coming and we can learn to place each negative though on a leave and let it go. It is a mindfulness exercise because you have to pay close attention to your thoughts and in my case, thoughts are often going at 100 mph. Instead of believing in your “thoughts” and acting on your belief, mindfulness exercise helps us monitor our thought patterns objectively so we can have some distance from these thoughts and even feelings.

This powerful exercise helped me realize that thoughts are just thoughts and it comes and goes. Often we have these thoughts because certain people or situations remind me of my traumatic event so it is natural for me to automatically link the current irrelevant event to those traumatic events that happened in the past.

You may find the following youtube video helpful. This specific practice is part of “cognitive defusion technique” by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We simply let go of negative thoughts as thoughts..

Many of us truly believe that something is wrong because we have certain thoughts or feelings but our thoughts or feelings are not always right. This hypnosis exercise helps us let go of our attachment to the native thought that is no longer working.

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