Sunlight helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure

Sunlight helps blood pressure risk

Sunlight is healthy to an extent. It improve our mood, produce more calcium so it is healthy to go under the sun 15 minutes a day without any sunscreen. But now a new study is showing that sunlight may high blood pressure and risk for heart attacks and stroke. According to this researcher, the level of nitric oxide affected by sun exposure in our skin is responsible for dilating blood vessels and it leads to reducing the risk for hypertension. I should let my dad know because he has been suffering from hyper tension for over 30 years and poor man has been taking meds and will be doing for the remaining life.

The study tested over forty people to see how their blood pressures are affected based on sunlight. Their finding is that people who were often exposed to sunlight (summer) had lower blood pressures.

Obviously this is just the beginning of finding more data to back up this argument. Regardless we should walk under the sun for 15 minutes or so each day and it should be done without any sunscreen. Not only that this may your risk for heart disease, it fights depression. It’s worth trying. 🙂

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