Signs that you have a narcissist boss

This one would be hard because I dated this guy who had serious mental illness. He literally lies about everything, makes up stories about the most obvious things and gets angry and accuses me of lying when I confronted about his lies. It was too much for him to handle the reality. But thank god, he was not my boss so I successfully got rid of him after 3 months. It was very difficult but I did.

But if you suspect your boss is a narcissist, be careful and protect yourself. These are the signs that your boss might be a narcissistic jerk.

1) He is very focused on himself. He wants to get recognition and needs to be praised constantly.

2) He takes credit for your work.

3) He lies all the time.

4) He praises you and then blames you the next.

5) He doesn’t take any responsibility for his own faults.

6) He manipulates and turns his employees against each other.

There are more traits that you may be able to add if you have a real narcissist boss.

You do have to put your guard up at all times, set proper boundaries and to document everything and protect yourself. Just ignore what he says because it will only drain you physically and emotionally.

Here are a few tricks you can do to protect yourself from toxic narcissistic boss.

1) Be friendly but don’t give out personal information. Because N can use that against you.

2) Even if he gossips or say something stupid, go along with that and just be polite. But do not say anything. But be aware that your boss can still lie and say you were the one who was gossiping.

3) Document everything..this is a pain but you do have to protect yourself. N boss is a con artist and he twists and turns your stories to benefit him.

4) Just fake admiration. Narcissists are addicted to getting unconditional admirations from other people. Don’t give him a dirty look because he would be very sensitive to that so keep praising him.

5)…finally..don’t sweat..look for another position and carefully move forward with your exit plan. Don’t look back but run..Narcissists are really toxic!

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