Separating children from their families

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was recently presented with a proposal to enact a policy of separating immigrant children from their parents as an alleged way of halting immigrant families from coming to the US. If approved, this policy would give the stamp of approval to a horrible and unconstitutional practice that families my organization works with in Texas are already experiencing.

the Obama administration tried someting similar to deter immigrant families from coming to the US. In August 2014, the government began a policy of not issuing bonds to families with the stated aim of forcing them to remain in detention to discourage future immigration families from coming to the US

In 2015, a federal district court in Washington DC ruled the no-bonding policy unconstitutional, in part for lacking any evidentiary correlation to preventing new arrivals and because it unjustifiably defined the families their liberty in order to attempt to change the behaviors of other people.

The Trump administration is attempting to do the exact same thing, and it is also unconstitutional for similar reasons. First out constitution does not allows the government to punish one person solely in an attempt to alter the behavior of someone

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