Self-sooth to cope with stress

Self-sooth is a very important skill. Some people say that’s only for babies..No! That’s when we first learned how to sooth ourselves from our mommy and daddy (hopefully!) and if they did a good job, we developed good self-soothing skills by now.But if you are like me and don’t know how to, we have to learn first how this work.

What is self soothing anyways? Self-sooth is any act, feelings, sensations that you find yourself feeling relaxed and content. Do you have your favorite activities after you return from your busy work? That’s when you can really use one of your self-soothing skill. Even if it sounds like an ordinary act we often practice, these are important self-soothing strategies.

Let’s go over the list:

1) Yoga

2) Deep breathing

3) Stretching

4) Take a bubble Bath

5) Get a long nice massage

6) Take a hot shower

7) Listening to music on the radio, iphone, ipod, internet

 It sounds really easy right?

That’s what I thought first but soon I realized that it was hard to actually use my coping skills everyday..unless we make a decision to do that because people often stop practicing because they get bored, get too busy, all kinds of other excuses.

These are ordinary can we pick whatever activity we want to do to sooth ourselves? I wish..but actually the answer is NO. 🙂 Just because you enjoy doing something, it does not automatically join the list of your self-soothing skills.

Just because you find it soothing to drive your car recklessly, you get to use that as one of your coping skills.

Just because you are into drugs that make you feel soothed and comfortable, you do not get to use your drug habit as the coping skill for obvious reason.

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