Overcome extreme anxiety and PTSD

Hyper-vigilance is the condition of being overly sensitive to certain stimuli, like loud noises, specific words or even certain smells. Having these types of sensitivities can be hugely disruptive to day to day life and activities. These stimuli that occur naturally in the world can bring on distress, fear and panic attacks that look like unrealistic reactions to the situation. However, if you’ve experienced trauma, these reactions are not unrealistic and are a normal response to what you have been through.

Let’s take the example of someone walking up behind you that you didn’t know was coming. Even if it’s your partner or child, it might bring on extreme anxiety. You may have trouble breathing, start to shake or simply feel incredibly uncomfortable in a way you cannot make sense of. Because these anxiety symptoms are different from your reactions to these situations before the trauma, you can easily start to think you are crazy. Feeling like something is wrong with you is one of the worst parts of extreme anxiety and PTSD.

You need to know that nothing is wrong with you. You are just working through emotional struggles that resulted from trauma. The trauma could be subtle or something you were exposed to over time. Even if you can’t figure out where the anxiety is coming from, it is not your fault and nothing is wrong with you.

Choosing to forgive yourself and have compassion for what you are gong through is one of the first steps in recovering from anxiety. If you are having panic attacks, I am sure you just want them to go away. Please know that this can be difficult, but is possible. With the right resources, you can get better and overcome your anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

You do not have to overcome your anxiety and PTSD symptoms alone. Therapy can be an excellent solution. There are some wonderful self-help options that can save you a lot of money.

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Good luck treating your anxiety symptoms, and remember that it is not your fault and you can get better!

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