Micromanaging boss

This is super irritation but I had a pretty rough week. My boss is back to being a micro-manager. She had left me and other employees alone for a couple of months, and then she is again asking me to turn in a task list and I just don’t understand what her problem is!

She should know what I am working on because a) we discuss this at the staff meeting b) I copy her on various emails.

I gave her the list..

She groans…

“Can you add the start date? and how long does it normally take to complete this task?”

You are a boss and should know how long it takes to do these?

I just came to the conclusion that she has some kind of disability, look into details too much and it makes sense as she is the financial manager but often fails to see the big picture. She wants us to include her in every little email and she is just trying to make sure nothing slips through the crack.

My insecurity kicks in and I wonder if I am doing something wrong or I am not being efficient..She is looking for a job so I wish her the best and hopefully she would find a higher manager position..good luck.

She does have the knowledge and the experience but her managerial skills which involve “big picture” just suck. That slows everything and it messes up my productivity.

Hopefully she will find something else soon, or I will need to start looking. (sigh)

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