Medication stigma


I have been taking antidepressants for many years. I wouldn’t talk about this everywhere I go but I don’t hide about it either. I am surprised that so many people still have misconceptions about Antidepressants. These are probably the most common misconceptions about people who take medications for their mental illnesses. Coping with mental illnesses is hard enough and these stigmas don’t help the situation.

  • People who take Antidepressants must be crazy.
  • Antidepressants are for weak people.

Also I’ve been told that medications aren’t good for me and there are healthier alternatives..I feel that people who say that have never experienced real depression and other mental health issues. Just like any over the counter medications, Antidepressants carry their own risks and we have to constantly weigh the pros and the cons. That is why the label says that your doctor prescribed this medication because its advantages outweigh the risks” Obviously if you feel so depressed to the point of thinking about suicide, you would need to seek both medical and psychological treatments..My experience is that medication definitely helped take the edge off so I could go to work everyday and have the strength to deal with my issues with my therapist. The first medication that I was prescribed was Zoloft and unfortunately it was effective for my depression and anxiety but the medication has pretty nasty side effects but I did need the medication at that time and it did what it was supposed to do. But of course medication alone isn’t enough to improve the mental health conditions. Especially short acting anti anxiety medication and sleep aids can be extremely addictive so we have to approach these meds with caution.

Antidepressants are common but many of us feel a sense of embarrassment about taking antidepressants because of the stigmas.

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