Letting go ain’t easy

It’s hard for me to let go…especially when a bad thing happens. It often triggers my childhood memories..from then, I start to think about it over and over.

I am scared..what if this individual will do this? What if this will happen and I would be in trouble..? Without any legitimate reasons, I fear that I will be punished. Just like I used to do..as a little girl in that home.

My borderline mother was usually drunk by 6-7pm when I came home. Sometimes she was in a good mood talking to her pals over the phone..other times…I ran to my bedroom on the second floor as fast as I could… Nothing else, I was always the target of her anger.

I am an adult now and know nobody can hurt me anymore. Of course, there are bad people out there..but nobody can just hit me out of blue. There is a law that protects us. Most importantly, I have to understand that most adults are not stupid especially in my environment. And I have to be confident in myself that I can protect myself..and make sure you tell your inner child..that you will be there for her no matter what.

Once you reassure yourself and your inner child, it is time to let go. Something bothers you, let go. Someone annoys you, let go. Of course, you can confront the person if necessary but don’t dwell and let it go…

Remember that dwelling on the past really doesn’t help you. Present moment is all we have and why waste this precious moment? Let it go…let it pass….let it behind you….you are going forward, you are moving forward, you are going with the flow…

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