Justin Bieber engaged

It’s been a while since I wrote about Justin Bieber. The last time I wrote about him, he was not in a good place, going to jail for racing with another driver, getting into a trouble after another..well, we all go through that when we are young, right? Well, that’s not always the case. I have never had any legal problems all my life.

But it’s Justin Bieber..he is a world superstar so I can’t imagine how hectic and crazy his life has been. The sad part was that Justin was a typical boy when he started to become popular..then something happened, and he was having problems with on and off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in between girlfriends, hookups, even prostitutes and but through all these years, it seemed that he had an eye only for one woman which is Selena Gomez.

They grew up together in entertainment world, and they looked so cute together. But after Justin going off track and doing his own things by getting into trouble repeatedly, I just thought that Selena would never come back to him but for some reason, he did come back and they were together briefly together till spring this year and then in summer Justin started to go public with Hailey Baldwin and within two months they are engaged and Justin is allegedly head over moon and publicly proclaimed his love for fiancee.

I think Justin is desperately seeking some kind of stability but his fiancee is only 21 years old. Maybe they will work out their very challenging relationship but I am not sure if they will make it to the wedding day. Marriage is not a joke. It’s a serious matter and in order to be certain about your partner to be your life partner would usually take longer than 2 months. It should take at least 2 years to really end the honeymoon stage and relationship starts to get more stable..

So all these PDAs between Justin and Hailey seem to be a sign of desperation, especially on Justin’s part, it is very clear. He still has unsettled feelings toward his ex who seems to have moved on for good this time and he is desperately trying to get back at her or trying to rush into this new marriage to forget about Selena. But I don’t know..

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