Is diabetes curable?

Diabetes is a very scary’s like the disease slowly kills you and your organs start to shut down if you don’t get treatment at an early onset of the disease.

Most people wonder, is diabetes curable? The answer is yes and no. In some sense, the answer is no because our diet and our habits contribute toward diabetes. The problem why complications progress in most people with diabetes is because they continue the same habits that caused it to develop in the first place, after they come down with it. And if your diabetes has been reversed, it is not curable. Let me elaborate. If a person who has reversed his or her diabetes, and then they revert back to their old habits in which caused the condition in the first place, then, no, diabetes is NOT curable.

Even worse, the conventional was of treating it cause it to get worse. Your diabetes will cause other medical conditions. These other medical conditions are nothing more than symptoms of diabetes, but the doctors will treat each of these as independent medical conditions with more treatments, more drugs, and more expensive medical procedures..that just keep the profits flowing.

Also, the American Diabetes Association, your physician, and the Diabetes Industry will tell you that diabetes is incurable simply because that is how they make money. The sicker you (the diabetic) become, the more money these industries make. Meanwhile, these industries make you sicker, and they get richer as a consequence.

However, diabetes is reversible though. It can be done through simple changes in exercise and diet, and other general lifestyle changes. If you put the time and effort needed to make the necessary changes, then, yes, diabetes is reversible.

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