Identify your higher power

and make yourself feel more powerful..

Whether you believe in one God, many gods, a divine universe, or the goodness that exists within each human being, having faith in something bitter and more powerful than yourself can often make you feel empowered, safe, and calm. this is what people mean when they talk about believing in a higher power or seeing the big picture in life.

Believing in something divine, holy, or special can help you endure stressful situations as well as help you sooth yourself.

At some point in life, we all feel hopeless or powerless. We have all experienced unfortunate situations during which we felt alone and needed strength. Sometimes unexpected circumstances hurt us or the people we care about. These situations often include being the victim of a crime, getting into an accident, having someone close to us die, or being diagnosed with a serious illness. Having faith in something spoecial during times like these they can often help you feel connected to a bigger purpose in life.

Your faith does not have to involve God if that is not what you believe in.

While you exploring your spirituality, remember that your spiritual beliefs can change over time. Sometimes a person is raised in a spiritual tradition that no longer makes sense or feels helpful. Yet, despite these feelings, a person will sometimes continue to attend the services of that tradition because he or she thinks “it is the right thing to do.”

The truth is, if your spiritual tradition is no longer giving you peace and strength, it is ok to reexamine the faith and to change traditions if necessary.

Connect to your higher power

Use the following questions to help you identify your beliefs and to identify some ways in which you can strengthen and use your beliefs on a regular basis.

-What are some of your beliefs about a higher power or a big picture that give you strength and comfort?





-Why are these beliefs important to you?

-How do these beliefs make you feel?

-How do these beliefs make you think about others?

-How do these beliefs make you think abut life in general?

-How do you acknowledge your beliefs throughout your daily life? For example, do you go to church, synagogue, or temple? Do you pray? Do you talk to other people about your beliefs? Do you read books about your beliefs? o you help other people?

-What else would you be willing to do in order to strengthen your beliefs?

-What can you do to remind yourself of your beliefs on a regular basis?

-What can you say or do to remind yourself of your beliefs that next time you are feeling distressed?

Exercise High-Power Activity

Additional activities to help you feel more connected to your higher power.

Check the ones that you are willing to do:

___ If you do believe in the teachngs of particular religion or faith, find related activities that make you feel more empowered and calm. Go to your church, synagogue, or temple for services. Talk to the man or woman who runs your services. Join discussion groups formed at your place of worship.. Read the books that are important to your faith.

_____ Remember that your higher power can also be something other than God. Your higher power can be a person who makes you feel stronger and more confident to deal with the challenges that you face. Think of someone you admire who can be your higher power. Describe that person. What makes that person special. The next time you are in a difficult or distressing situation, act as if you are that person, and notice how you handle the situation differently.

_______ Look up at the stars. The light you are seeing is millions of years old, and it has traveled from starts that are billions of miles away. In fact, each time you look up at the stars, you are looking through a time machine and seeing the universe as it looked billions of years ago.

Strangely, many of the stars you are looking at have already died, but their light is just reaching your eyes on the Earth. Look up at the stars and recognize that whatever created them also created you, whether it was god or a cosmic accident. You are connected to the stars. Imagine yourself connecting with the universe. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and imagine a white beam of lights shining down from the universe.

Like a laser beam, the white lighe shines on the top of your head and fills you with a feeling of peace. Now imagine the white light spreading all over your body, relaxing every muscle.

________ . Think about our planet earth. Water is the most important substance for sustaining life on our planet. Yet, if we were much closer to the sun, all the water on our planet would evaporate because the temperature would be too hot, and if we were much farther away, all the water would freeze because the temperature would .be too cold. Somehow, we have been lucky enough to be in just the right place for life to form. Even if you did not believe in a religious purpose, ask yourself what it means that you live on a planet with just the right climate and elements for life to exist. How did this happen and what does it mean about your life?

_______ Go to the beach. Try to count the grains in a handful of sand. Now try to imagine how many handfuls of sand there are in the world, on all the beaches and in all the deserts. Try to imagine how many billions of years must have passed to create so many grains of sand. Stand with your feet in the sand, and imagine feeling connected to the planet.


________ Go to a park or to a field and observe the trees, the grass, and the animals

Again, recognize that whatever created all of that also created you. Remember that all living things are made of the same chemica elements. On a subatomic scale, there isn’t much difference between you and many othe rlife forms. You are still different and special. what is it that makes you unique from other life?

_______ Think about the human body, especially your own. Each human .being is more wonderful than  a piece of artwork and more complex than any computer ever invented. Everything about you is largely determined by your DNA, the instructions that are found in every cell of your body. Yet amazingly, each set of instructions that creates every part of your body is composed of just four chemical elements that are repeated in different combinations. These different combinations are called genes, and these are the instructions you inherit from your parents that determine everything from your eye color to the structure of your heart. Incredibly, it only takes an estimated thirty to fourty thousand genes to design a human being. Imagine trying to write so few instructions in order to create a body that thinks, breathes, eats and moves. and does everything else you do. Plus, remember that this same number of instructions is also responsuble for creating approximatel;y 100 billion neurons in your brain, 60,000 miles of blood vessels throughout your body, 600 skeletal muscles, 206 bones, 32 teeth and 11 pints of blood.

Take a time out

Time-outs aren’t just for kids. We all need to relax in order to refresh our bodies, minds, and spirits. Yet many people don’t take time out for themselves because they feel like they’d be disappointing someone else, like their boss, spouse, family, or friends. Many people struggle with the constant need to please others and as a result, they neglect to take care of themselves.

___ Treat yourself as kindly as you treat other people. Do one nice thing for yourself that you’ve been putting off.

____ Take time to devote to yourself, even if it is just a few hours during the week, by doing things like taking a walk, preparing your favorite meal

____ Or if you are feeling brave, take half a day off from work. Go someplace beautiful like a park, the ocean, a lake, the mountains, a museum,. or even some place like a shopping mall.

____ Take time to do things for your own life, like shopping, errands, doctor’s appontments and so on.

Live in the present moment

time travel is possible

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