How to stop the worries!

My sister suffers from the anxiety attacks and she didn’t know that she had an anxiety disorder. She didn’t know that it was actually a disorder. She was bullied in school and started to experience panic attacks and severe anxiety whenever she goes to certain places or see people who remind her of the kids who bullied her. She didn’t really know that there was a name for her anxiety symptoms.

These random anxiety attacks started to worry her even more because she wasn’t aware of the underlying issues, she started to avoid certain places or meeting new people.

She also had a lot of obsessive repetitive worries that were starting to undermine the quality of life.

So how are excessive worries and the anxiety attacks related?

I also do have a lot of anxieties especially when I have to give a presentation. My legs go numb, my hand shakes and I get very nervous. But I started to catch myself doing the negative self talk. These thoughts were started to control my mind. I wasn’t even aware how much I was obsessing over these worries that weren’t based on the facts. That’s when I realized that I had to do something.

Why should you get help and do something about it when you have overwhelming anxiety and worries?

Anxiety and obsessive thoughts can really control our life, limit our opportunities to meet new people, foster a new relationship, make good friends, advance our careers and to feel good about ourselves. I did not want to just succumb to my anxiety and limit my career prospects. That is why I decided to join the toastmaster and to gradually increase the comfort level. It still isn’t easy when I give a presentation there but worrying about things and avoiding because of the negative thoughts can only make anxiety worse.

How do we stop unwanted negative thoughts and worries?

1) Accept the fact that you are worried and are anxious. There is nothing wrong with worrying and it is normal. Everybody worries to some extent.

2) Be mindful of your negative thoughts that increase your fear and anxiety. Let each though come and go. Simply observe it and let it go.

3) Challenge your irrational thoughts: Unless you challenge irrational thoughts, these thoughts will come back if your brain is wired to be negative. It is important to challenge these thoughts and be mindful of them.

The more you practice these simples techniques, the more you feel comfortable dealing with your anxiety and obsessive negative thoughts. Also, it is important to tell your brain to stop thinking about it! Just saying to myself “STOP” doesn’t help me so I do say stop and also imagine a red light. 

Lastly, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for feeling anxious or worrying. It will be get better as you practice these cooking skills.

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