High end prostitute kills google executive

What is wrong with our society? 

Alix Tichelman is a high end prostitute and killed a Google executive by injecting him with lethal dose of heroin and then left his yachet without calling 911. 

This 26-year-old prostitute met the google executive Forrest Hays via a prostitution website and she is being accused of manslaughter, prostitution, destroying evidence and transporting a controlled substance according to Santa Cruz County Superior Court.

She is being held on 1.6 million dollars bond. She is a cold-blooded antisocial psychopath who has no remorse for taking other people’s lives. 

Forrest Hays was founded death the next morning and the surveillance video shows that the prostitute stepping over Hayes’ body several times while gathering her belongings. 

She was arrested on July 4 and an undercover police invited her to an upscale hotel and that’s how she was arrested. 

What kind of upbringing can make someone do this to herself and others. According to KSBW, she grew up in an upper-class family in Georgia. 

She was very active on social media websites and posted her pictures on facebook and instragram even admitting that she enjoys talking with someone who likes killing people.

On June 20, she posted “feeling suicidal” on one of her social media profiles.  

She obviously doesn’t think highly of herself for selling her body. She sounds like a psychopath and is definitely mentally ill and very sick. I don’t understand why any men would fall for her because she doesn’t even look that attractive with all these tattoo and scary facial expression. 

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