Why borderlines have to suffer in silence?

Why borderlines have to suffer in silence?

It is true that people are more likely to share about their depression, anxiety and PTSD even, but when it comes to borderline personality disorder, many people aren’t saying anything. I have never really seen celebrities who openly talk about their battle with BPD. I think I’ve seen two people or so, but I am sure there are more than that in Hollywood!

There is a deep stigma toward BPD and that starts with mental health professionals who are not willing to work with those suffer with this very serious mental illness. They don’t want to deal with constant chaos, late night desperate calls, suicide threats..these therapists think borderlines are nothing but liabilities. 

First of all, I hate the word “borderline personality disorder”..it’s like..it sounds scary and crazy. When your date confesses one day that she suffers from “depression”, you may be more sympathetic and understanding of the well know mental illness but if she says she suffers from bpd, what would you say to her? I know about the illness very well, so I know what that really means, but most people would be silent and just feel intimidated by the name..borderline personality disorder…

There are various issues here, but I feel that we have much better treatment options and resources for the sufferers and their loved ones now, so it is huge. Hopefully we can continue to promote the awareness that leads to raising more research funds. 

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