He is having mental breakdown

Mr. Nonomura Ryutaro is a 47-year old law maker in Hyogo region, Japan. He became an instant Internet sensation after a video showing his public outbursts went viral. It shocked not only people in Japan, but also people around the world.

It is crazy but this man started to cry and scream and was having a full-blown tantrum like a small child at the press conference he held and what’s so bad about this is that the conference was broadcasted live on TV in Japan and of course videos were uploaded to Youtube and now everybody was talking about it.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates among the developed countries so I am really concerned about the state of this man’s mind. But he should be held responsible for misusing public funds for all these one day trips to the hot spring reports. He apparently went to the Kinosaki onsen resort over 100 times in 2013 year alone and other various trips without providing any receipts.

I do reimbursements as part of my job but just to reimburse coffee, I will need to explain the purpose of the meeting and the original receipts will be required for all trips. 🙁 So I don’t understand why he was able to spend over $30,000 on unspecified trips in which he was allegedly meeting with a specific person and he is unable to disclose this person’s name because it was supposed to be anonymous and he was meeting with this person to help the society a better place.. LOL Probably he was meeting with a lover.

It makes sense why he freaked out toward the end of the 3-hour conference. I don’t deny the level of stress he is under right now and the assembly has filed a criminal charge against the lawmaker recently so he may even face criminal accusations.

What do you guys think about this incident? Is this man simply crazy? or there’s more to it to the story?

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