Getting even with a narcissist

By Sherrie Christman

Getting even with a narcissist is really easy once you begin to have an understanding of what narcissism is all about. Basically all you need to keep in mind is that they’re only seeking for admiration. Just being aware of this one simple fact can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Before everything, it is important to remember that you must not make the abuser angry, since they are willing and ready to get back at you. Another reason that you don’t want to do this is most of the time it’s only going to be a short-term relief for you. Your feelings might get back at you after your anger has passed. You may feel that you have stooped down to the narcissist’s level and it’s not really a great feeling to be in. A narcissist does not care about feelings of other people so getting their revenge is going to be a pleasure for them.

Having said all of that, if you still have plans on getting even with a narcissist then you can read some of the tips below.

What are they most afraid of?

They are afraid of being humiliated, labeled as ignorant and being overlooked by people around them. If you can come up with a scenario, where a narcissist feels that they have shown their true colors to other people, then what would be a great setup.

They’re empty from the inside and they’re afraid that other people might also see that emptiness. But I would remind you to be careful and not to do anything illegal just to make them feel bad. Also don’t let them know that you intentionally created that situation or they may take some drastic actions to get back at you.

They hate to be wrong.

This is one feeling that a narcissist really hates. If you’re debating on an issue and you know that they’re right, just present a clear evidence and just walk away without further explanation. Explaining your side further will only give a narcissist the chance to turn things around and make it sound that they are actually agreeing with you the first time.

Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s important not to make the narcissist angry. Getting angry is a form of self-protection mechanism for a narcissist since they hate it most to be wrong.

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