Do you practice good self care?

Ever since I met my therapist, she has ask me at least once during the session..”Are you practicing good self care?” My immediate response is I don’t want to do it..I just want them to change the way they treat me…like a 2-year-old whiny child. I must admit. But self care is everything. As an adult, nobody is more qualified than yourself to take good care of yourself, right?

So why should we bother to practice self-care? Almost every mental health practitioners preach about “self care” so it must be really good. 

Self care is about doing something that improve the quality of your overall life. With proper self care, you will be more relaxed. What I like about the self care is that you don’t need to do anything crazy. You can practice self care at home…

You can exercise more frequently. Good sleep hygiene. (this is very important for our beauty sleep, healthy diet. If you suffer from BPD, you are mostly prescribed medications. Then make sure to take them as directed at the same time everyday.

Whey should we take care of ourselves? It is a lot of work..

I know it is a lot of work but if you don’t, who is going to take care of you? If you suffer from BPD, this self-care becomes extremely important for the sufferers. They can use some coping skills related to self care to reduce the act of destruction, impulsivity. If you take care of your properly, you will feel less stressed emotionally and physically. 

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