Consequences of emotional eating

I have used food for comfort for YEARS. I have struggled with weight gain since my early 20s. 🙁 My friends were jealous of my height and petite frame all through my teen age years. I didn’t gain weight even though I was eating whatever my mom cooked and she is a good cook..! But of course after moving to California from Japan, I started to put on weight every year..

I gained 20 lbs..and now I am 60 lbs heavier than the time I first moved to Cali to go to college. My mother gave me diet pills which weren’t even legal back home and she begged me to take those because I didn’t look attractive anymore and she was embarrassed about me and also worried about my health. Anyways the pills did the magic. I did lost 50 lbs or so within six months. But it came with some adverse side effects. 

Because of my rapid weight loss, I was constantly feeling weak and sick. I felt dizzy and even had a sensation of passing out several times a day. and after realizing the diet pills are not good for me (duh!) I stopped taking them and guess what? I was like a balloon. I gained all my weight back very I am at the heaviest and still can’t seem to control my food choices. 🙁

I love food, especially comfort food because it feels good to eat the junk foods. It does relieve temporary stress of not craving the specific food and feel intense happiness and satisfaction..then I get very sleepy. lol The worst habit is to eat while watching TV or sitting in front of computer. So I am actively trying not to do that anymore. 

My mom used to be an excellent cook and I love eating out so much now that my mom  has not been here to cook for me. Especially I love thai food that reminds me of her homemade dishes. One good thing about my mom is that she fed us really well growing up. Our fridge was stuffed with goodies ALL THE TIME. She was very particular about food and we rarely ate any leftovers. She always prepared meals for us from scratch and they were fresh. So to an extent, my love for food comes from my childhood memories. 

If I can only control my impulse to eat ice cream, doritos (my new obsession), gummy bear candies..chocolate..!!!! I have to consciously remind myself that..

  • This is only temporary and I will eventually get to taste the food I like after losing target weight.
  •  I can still eat small pieces just to taste but stop after one small bite!
  • It’s stressful not being able to eat what I want..but this is just a temporary situation. The food is going to be there even after I lose some weight
  • Besides, it is not good for me to eat too much sweets and fatty food.

I think that people tend to use food to manage their stress because they haven’t developed healthier coping skills to deal with issues and stress. It is a real urge so it is important to have some type of alternative replacement behavior in case we feel like we HAVE to have the cream..fries..yummy!

And we don’t even have to starve ourselves or totally cut back on sugary food. We can still taste a few bites or small pieces of dark chocolates..exercise more frequently to improve your metabolism and maybe you can reward yourself with two pieces of dark chocolate after your brisk 45 minutes walk or 30 minutes run or whatever you do as part of your exercise regime.


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