Christie Brinkley is proud of her age

I love this woman. Christie Brinkley is probably the most beautiful 62 year old woman. What makes her beautiful is not just her youthful look. But her happiness and positive attitude radiate from the inside out.

I love women who are authentic and genuine. I think we have to be true to who we are and that’s probably the only way for you to be happy.

I feel like Christie Brinkley’s happiness and beauty radiate from inside, and that is why she is so beautiful. Almost all celebrities get some kind of procedure so they of course look great for their age but I like how christie doesn’t try to disguse her age and she i actually proud of her..

She should be! Iam 37but when I am in 60s, I want to be like Christie and just say to the world that I am 60 ad freakin proud of it!!!

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