Can Narcissism be cured?

This is a tricky question..

Can Narcissistic personality disorder be cured? Is there any hope? I dated this guy who was a full-blown narcissist for 3-4 months. I lost about 20 lbs and since I was overweight, that part was good but I was emotionally and physically burned out toward the end.

I want to say that anybody can change as long as he is willing to take responsibilities and is willing to work on his issues. My mother is a full blown borderline and I strongly believe that she even has a chance of recovering from her personality disorder at the age of 65.

One thing that I noticed about my ex Narcissist was he was very vulnerable when I finally confronted him with all these lies that he had made. He was trying to make more excuses to cover up his lies and it wasn’t working and he started to cry like a child. He was normally arrogant and had a strong sense of entitlement but when he was crying, he was anxious and scared. He didn’t know who he was and kept begging me not to abandon him. 

I was surprised to that side of him that I’d never seen. I felt sorry for him but he was doing a lot of crap behind my back so I did abandon him but I am not sure if he has ever gotten any help. He was extremely cold and didn’t almost seem to have any kind of empathy. He couldn’t understand the pain he inflicted on me, and he thought it was really funny that I was suffering and after I broke up with him, he jumped right into another relationship and forgot about me completely as if he had never known me. He needed a new audience who would believe in his lies so he can maintain his false image. 

But I strongly believe that someone like him could recover from troubling symptoms of NPD so he can face the reality and able to have a meaningful relationship with other people. But I wasn’t willing to wait that long. 

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