Bite your tongue..

I used to be argumentative and I just needed to be right all the time..and I am still urged to convince the other person that I am right and that she is wrong. But then it really doesn’t matter..everybody has different opinions and there is no point wasting my time getting frustrated with the other person not understanding me. It is only normal for us to want others’ approvals and acceptance but you just have to say to yourself:

“You know what? It really doesn’t matter what others think. This is how I feel and it’s my opinion. It doesn’t matter if anybody agrees with me or not. They are entitled to their opinions.” 

Once you let go of the need to right all the time, life becomes much easier. 

Especially at work, it is really important to bite my tongue and we all have to put up with our boss and colleagues because it is a job after all! There is no way that everybody would agree with us at work and everybody is accepting of each is full of nasty people and dealing with people is probably one of the most challenging aspects for most people at work. (at is the most challenging part of my job).

I count 1..2…3 before reacting to other people and take a deep breath and just bite my tongue. It is a job after all and I would need to cover my butt in order to protect myself..but other than that, there is no point convincing others that I am right or wrong..that I am a good employee or not..especially with these difficult arrogant faculty, I am not going to win. They are always right because they have a doctorate degree and I am nobody to them or to this organization. But I know that I am a great asset to this place and I know at the same time that I am replaceable. It doesn’t really matter as long as I do my best and keep on going.

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