Bed bug and its psychological effects

Ok..this is really bad but I have bed bug bites all over my body. 

Since I’d never had this problem before (lucky me!), I was not sure what it was. I wake up with all these bite marks and I thought it was my bird. While I was back in Japan, I didn’t get any bite marks and the only issue that I had was the usual mosquito bites.

Then I came back yesterday and I didn’t sleep for 24 hours because of two flights and the long train ride from my hometown to the airport. I didn’t think twice and went to bed right after shower. I woke up this morning feeling itchy all over my body.

This is so gross but I found tiny clear bugs crawling my mattress…I sprayed anti-itch spray on my legs but my arms and shoulder were red and extremely itchy this morning. These must be bed bugs..I googled what they look like. It is so gross and embarrassing at the same time. 🙁

There is a saying “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”…I slept tight thanks to my sleeping pills but still woke up with extreme itching. The saying used to sound cute because I didn’t know what the bed bugs do (they suck human blood..)

Apparently bed bugs are very serious and they are very common..but there is a serious stigma and I don’t think I want to let my boss know. Actually my office carpet was pretty gross but it took a while for them to actually clean the carpet so it could have come from the office. 🙁

Bed bugs are not just found at the dirty hotels but they are everywhere. Of course, we have to keep our home clean but they spread and reproduce quickly so it is hard to get rid of them once you have them. What scars me is that I’ve been having these bite marks and I thought these were some kind of allergic reactions..who wants to think that your mattress is infested with bed bugs?!

Anyways, I am going to have to wash everything in my closet and in my drawer with hot water and dry with highest heat..Bed bugs love to hide between clutters and mine were in between the wood bed frames. 🙁 Unfortunately I do have to get rid of the entire bed (I probably don’t have to) but just can’t deal with the psychological effects.

According to the recent study, beg bugs are very difficult to detect and that itself may lead to serious anxiety. It is very expensive to exterminate them and on top of that, you have to deal with stigma associated with bed bugs. Your child’s play date may get cancelled and your friends may not want to hang out at your place anymore. Dr. Gareen Hamalian says that the study on the psychological implications of bed bugs on us was piqued since the psychiatric cases associated with the anxiety caused by bed bugs started to come up in the dermatologist’s offices.

I am already having sleepless nights or fall asleep and wake up feeling extremely itchy all over the body and now I am paranoid that bugs are still there somewhere even after I threw away the entire bed set (mattress, frame, wood board, mattress topper, comforter, sheets, pillows) and they probably are still hiding. I am going to still have to go through all my items that may have had contact with mattress, sheets..and anything that used to be near my bed.

It is 4:30am and I am sitting in someone else’s bedroom and woke up feeling itchy and stressed. Sleep deprivation should surely make this condition even more intolerable! 

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