Be kind to others and boost our health

Excellent step by step guide to forgiving other people and to be kind to others. Being kind to others and treating others in a way you want to be treated are good for your overall physical and mental health and Angie Lewis explains why.

By Angie Lewis

How Being Kind to Others Boosts Health

To treat others in the way you would like to be treated is a very healthy principle to adhere to in this life. It would follow then that to be happy would be to give something of ourselves to others. There is no better gift of giving than to love. Behaving compassionate and kind towards others is love. I encourage you to being out acts of kindness within you. This will benefit your own emotional well being and give you a positive outlook on life as well.

Week One

Focus on encouraging others this week. We encourage others best by being supportive of what they are going through. Everybody has needs. Maybe someone you know is having bouts of depression. They need your encouragement. How can you bring happiness to them? A kind word and a big hug can sincerely cheer them up.

When we encourage others it makes us feel good inside. I don’t know why this happens but its part of the principle to “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Love and compassion comes back to us through our own positive feelings of goodness. The more we share the goodness in our hearts the better we feel about ourselves.

Week two

Focus on bringing spiritual wisdom to someone this week. We all have gained some knowledge that we have stored away within us. Share that wisdom with someone today. Maybe a confused, son, daughter, niece or nephew could really use some valuable wisdom-filled guidance. Be the giver of wisdom and watch wisdom come back to you.

Because you have shared a piece of valuable wisdom you will have given someone a precious part of life and in return you will be rewarded. Your reward is in seeing someone you care about learn to walk a better path because of the spiritual wisdom you gave him or her.

Week Three

Focus on forgiveness this week. Do you have someone you need to forgive? Perhaps, family, friends and co-workers. We should ask for the courage and strength to be forgiving and impact compassion on someone who is in need of forgiveness.

Forgiving someone will free your heart and mind of pent up resentments and negative emotions. Forgiveness will make you feel freer and happier in heart and soul because you have unloaded the heavy burden of unforgiveness.

Week Four

Focusing on being more tolerant. How many ways can you be tolerant of others? You can be more tolerant of people’s choices. They aren’t your choices, so you shouldn’t let other’s choices cause bitterness within you.

If you behave tolerant of someone, no matter what it is, or what he or she is doing, it will further your personal growth process. It is part of character building and maturity that we learn to be tolerant of people, even if we disagree with their choices. We should learn to get rid of bitterness and be happy within ourselves for overall good health and well being.

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