Autism day

It was an Autism day recently and I was thinking of my friend and her 2-year-old daughter with Autism. My friend had a very rough year but she really wanted to have a child. But she was overweight and her doctor told her that her weight might be interfering with her getting pregnant. After a couple of months into a trial diet, she gave up and decided to take out the loan to have bypass surgery in Mexico. I was so worried about her but at the same time, she knew what she was doing and surgery itself was a success and within six months, she was pregnant. But that joy did not last. Two years later, they started to notice something is not write about their daughter. She does not really pay attention to the visitors..when I visited her, she was roughly 1 year old..she did not even look at me and I thought that she was just shy, but apparently she continued to play by herself and did not say a word even after she turned 2 recently. Finally my friend took her baby to the neurologist and after various tests, she was diagnosed with Autism. She was crushed and I was sad for her but at the same time, her baby is healthy otherwise and I really hope that the baby can get the best intensive treatment in her town so she can learn to communicate with others and hopefully her brain will grow.

To this date, we don’t exactly know what causes Autism but studies were showing that there was a genetic predisposition toward the Autism but recently new studies came out and according to the studies, Autism begins in mother’s womb. The scary thing is that some scientists believed that environmental causes such as exposure to chemicals in some cosmetics and common over the counter medications can affect the levels of these lipids in the brain. It is good that more researchers are conducting extensive studies on this very complicated matter. Autism is much more common than the general public thinks and I sincerely hope that they will find a cure.

But I did tell my friend that her baby is beautiful, healthy and smart. Autism is just a label that is currently attached to her but it is a spectrum disorder so there are many autistic children who become scientists! They are very smart people. All I can do as a friend is to continue to offer my morale support.

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