About Me

All of us have stories to share, and here is my story. But I created this website for all of us who want to fight mental health stigma and to gain support. Know that you are not alone..

My Story

I don’t like to talk about my childhood or to portray myself as a victim. But my healing began when I finally came to terms with my past about ten years ago. It’s been a tough but rewarding journey. My childhood was filled with violence, fear and chaos. It is very difficult to describe what I was going through then because it was my life-the reality that I couldn’t escape as a child.

My mother suffers from very serious depression and anxiety-but after years of studying psychology and getting professional help, I came to realize that my mom didn’t just have depression and fear. Her extreme mood swings, abandonment fear and splitting started to finally make sense and I felt a great sense of relief.

Being raised by mother with borderline personality disorder, I started to internalize her criticisms and conflicting messages about myself, others and about the world and started to show early signs of BPD in my early 20s. What made my recovery very challenging was the stigma toward mental health and probably BPD is one of the most stigmatized mental illness.

Even therapists wouldn’t want to work with patients with BPD and lack of understanding and support system made it even more challenging for me. I felt very isolated and lost at times. People knew about bipolar disorder but what is borderline personality disorder?

Thanks to more suffererss and their loved ones sharing stories, we have a better understanding of this potentially life threatening condition, and my goal is to continue to promote awareness and fight mental health stigmas. Also more studies have been conducted and we hope to continue to promote this very important cause.

I originally created this website specifically for BPD, but now my goal is to create a safe place to gain support and find information about mental health issues.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to email me at bpdmother919@gmail.com