Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passive-Agressive Behavior

They are so annoying. Passive-Agressive people intentionally or unintentionally break their promises, lie, delay the projects to get their hostile messages across. They are expressing their anger and agression in passive, non-assertive ways. I used to work for a boss who procrastinates and even lies at worst..especially when he had to deal with people whom he disliked. It took a lot for him to actually have confrontational conversations with his staff..I've witnessed them a few times, and I was like.."wow, he was actually angry with them. then why didn't he just tell them?"

I am pretty straight forward in that respect. When I don't like something, you would know about it. Although I am improving, my distress tolerance skills are still very poor, so I just cannot show my unhappiness with others through procrastination.

Signs of passive agressive behaviors

  • always late for appointments and arrangements.
  • does not do the assigned task on time.
  • Silent treatment 
  • Act sick in order to play a victim
There are probably many other passive-agressive behaviors that I am missing here. One major thing my borderline mother did was that she actually told me that she was going on vacation when I needed some help and money during my surgery. 

Passive-agressive people get on my nerves. They are so annoying. 

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