Monday, August 1, 2011

True tragedy of Judy Garland

I watched Wizard of Oz several times on TV, and also had seen a show in Japan as a child. She has been a star for all these years because of this film. Her performance and singing inspired and touched millions of people all around the world. I was quite shocked to read the article about tragic life and death of Judy Garland featured in May issue of Marie Claire. Allegedly her stage mother made her take pills when she was 11 or 12 so that she would do well during auditions. Amphetamine during the day, sleeping pills at pills. My borderline mother tried to put me on diet pills because I was too fat and she was concerned. But I still cannot imagine what's like to be pushed to go on a stage by my mother who is also asking me to take these medications! Judy Garland's life was chaotic and unstable due to drug addictions, depression and unstable relationships. She married five times. Also she attempted suicides many times. She died from an overdose of anti anxiety medication in an old flat in London. She was dead broke by that time. It is very sad, and even though it has been many years since she died, my heart was broken after reading this article in Marie Claire.

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